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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If you have a question regarding G3 Ezine’s advertising services, it has most likely been answered below.

Q. How many readers do you have?

    A. We have a growing subscriber base comprising 2,400+ (as at August 2006) responsive internet marketers and business owners.

Q. How responsive are your readers?

    A. We’ll let our satisfied advertisers tell you about that here.

Q. How much are Solo ads? Sponsor ads?

    A. Please click here for ezine ad prices.

Q. Where do I pay?

    A. To purchase an ad, click here. You may also like to check out the latest advertising promotions on our Specials page.

Q. I tried to purchase an ad but I can’t see the Paypal buttons?

    A. Please wait a while and try again. If you still don’t see them, please contact me.

Q. I tried to purchase an ad but when I clicked on the payment link, it said your site could not be found. What do I do now?

    A. Reboot your PC and try again. Sometimes that’s all it takes to fix the problem. If this doesn’t work, it could be the internet lines are temporarily busy. Please wait a while and try again later.

Q. I haven’t heard anything from you about the ad I just paid for. Please advise on what I need to do.

    A. The details and ad submission links are here on the page where you’ve just make payment. I don’t email the links because they are already on that page. So please just click on the “submit your ad” link there.

Q. When will my ad run?

    A. Once your payment clears, you will receive a confirmation email (usually within 24 hours) with your run schedule. We live in vastly different time zones, so please be patient and wait out the 24 hours before contacting me, thanks. You most likely will hear from me before then.

Q. I have made payment and submitted my ad. Why have I not heard from you?

    A. I live at the opposite end of the world from the US and Canada. So there is a huge time difference between us. Also being a work-at-home mom with school-going kids, I do have family priorities that sometimes demand my urgent attention.

    Rest assured you will hear from me. I know your business is important to you and I will certainly get to you as soon as I possibly can.

    I pride myself on providing my customers with a reliable and professional service. So if I’m a little late getting back to you, it’s probably because something unavoidable has come up. Thanks so much for your patience and your understanding.

Q. When is my ad going out?

    A. Once you complete payment and your payment clears, you will receive a confirmation email (usually wtihin 24 hours) with your run schedule.

Q. If I purchase an Ezine Ad Pack, will all of my ads run in the same issue?

    A. They will all run in different issues. The run schedule will be included in our confirmation email.


Can’t find your question here? Please contact me, I’m happy to help.

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