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Friday, March 19, 2010


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  • Secrets to Happiness That No One Tells You!

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Editor’s Scribbles


Hello fellow Chasers new and current,


Happy Friday! Are you happy it’s Friday? I bet you are. We all are LOL. And yet today’s feature article has even more ways to achieve happiness than many of us know about. So I hope after reading today’s article, you’ll be even happier.


I’m loaded with work today as I had to take a whole day off work yesterday to do a bunch of time-consuming errands and to be at a business event. So I’m really swamped today and have no time to even think of the upcoming weekend.


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on Gimme A Break, my better living blog

Thanks for staying with us. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. See you next Friday 2_smile04.




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Modern Living

Secrets to Happiness That No One Tells You!

by Tina Finn


Remember the cliché, "All the world's a stage?" Who might be watching? Are we performing? Is our performance scrutinized? Who are we allowing to judge us? However true that cliché may be, the mere thought of it could certainly cause some a little stress or maybe, to feel uptight, over cautious and even stifle their ability to live carefree. When we feel as though we're being watched-over, society has taught us to contain ourselves.

So much of our stress is caused by doing, saying and performing only in the ways we think we 'should', 'have to' and 'need to'. This stress is nothing more than a type of bondage that keeps us from allowing our self to express our individualism, which is our truth. "The truth shall set you free."

"Without freedom, no one really has a name." ~Milton Acorda

Everyone has a unique truth that makes up who they are and it's in that place that you'll find excitement for life, enthusiasm, joy, peace and your true passion. You know you're there when life feels great! So, how can we feel great?

The emphasis is on "feel". It's not in doing great, being great or having anything other than the feeling of an essence of bliss, knowing you are acknowledging you! Take a moment to consider the following: All the world's a playground! In contrast to the stage, you're able to "play" as it appeals to you, as an individual, and playing as opposed to performing.

"If you want to be happy, be." ~Leo Tolstoy

What would life look like if playtime was all the time? What would you be doing? How would your life feel if you allowed yourself to be more playful? Maybe it's not available to play all day, but why not look at every task with a playful eye? Life is nothing more than a perceived illusion. So, if we choose to see the playful side of living, are we not then better prepared to enjoy our journey?

We could learn a lot from an infant. They know nothing of right or wrong or good or bad. They know only of how they feel. When they feel something is not pleasing them, they cry. When the environment and circumstances are blessing them, they feel great. They're playful, peaceful, happy and content.

Our lessons through life and the teachings of our upbringing have taught us otherwise. And, we've come to a misunderstanding in thinking we can find our happiness through only pleasing others. Society teaches us to stifle our feelings and just get more done. I say, we will get even more done when we allow enjoyment into what we are doing.

"Liberty: One of Imagination's most precious possessions." ~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

Sometimes it takes imagination to invite a new perception. Remember when your mom was attempting to get you to clean your room? She'd say, "Pretend the trash can is a basketball hoop and let's see how many baskets you can make." Immediately, the task was more pleasant. Not only did you clean your room quickly, you even went in your little bother's room and helped him. Basketball was fun!

"Perhaps all pleasure is only relief." ~William Burroughs

A client I work with went through a very difficult few years, finding it hard to allow any pleasure and enjoyment into his life. He perceived he mustn't relax and that in some way he should be doing something different or even punishing himself. From his vantage point, he was unable to get past what he was experiencing enough to allow any freedom to realize his truth.

He viewed his situation as something more difficult and larger than what he thought he could handle. After only three sessions and through some very simple strategies, he was able to gain a new perspective and has since made huge strides in moving forward with the direction of his new life. He is "happy for the first time in ten years", as he stated to me in our last session.

It is important to always consider your perception so you can then, realize there are many ways of viewing anything.

"Happiness is a form of courage." ~Holbrook Jackson

When you have enough courage to accept your playfulness, your world is a playground.

Simple ways to add a little playfulness to your everyday:

    * Find it Funny: Take the time to find something funny. Laughter is the best medicine. Stop, breath look around you....there is always something worth smiling about and when you find your smile laughter is not far.
    * Ask Yourself: What is a more playful way of doing this? Where is the joy in what I'm doing? What do I think is playful? How can I add more of that into my daily life?
    * Watch Children: Spend some time observing children with the intent to see and appreciate the ease of enjoyment.


About the author:

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